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Welcome to the Website!

I met Neocities thanks to a friend that made a website before me (that doesn't exist now), I didn't knew that free domains existed, so I learned HTML and CSS and I made a website myself.

This will be used as a "playground", where sometimes I practice CSS or I make online documents for other people to read. If you want to know where they are, you'll have to see my Neocities profile because I won't make buttons for them.


I could say that this page is a database about music that isn't well documented or parcially lost, to give it a little bit of light to things that you wouldn't find normally without clues.

Normally when someone finds one of these things, the first thing they do is to upload them to YouTube or Archive. Why not me? Because it's content for the website obviously.

I upload songs to this website between 4 or 5 days, since it's really hard to find things that go along with what I upload to the site. Download some and listen to them, you'll maybe discover new styles or small bands that you can end up liking.

Do I have Afiliates? not anymore, they went from one to zero.

If you want to add me as an Afiliate:

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